Every home gets top marketing...not just the million dollar ones

Marketing is the key to exposing your home to as many likely buyers as possible, giving you the best chances at getting top dollar for your home.

Here are key elements that 95% of Realtors will not do for you, but are made standard with any listing I take

YOUTUBE VIDEO         youtube

Each and every one of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage's listings has its own Youtube video. Not only is having a video of your property AWESOME and a feature that most other REALTORS® in town won’t offer, but it will also make your homes show up above other listings on national search sites! In addition, Google owns Youtube, and having a Youtube video for your property helps you show up higher on Google search results.

CBRWG Property Showcase


That’s right, your property gets its own website! This feature is vital for spreading the word about your home. Post the link to your house’s website on Facebook or email it to friends and family and let the word of your home sale spread! The more people who know your home is for sale, the more people they will tell who may be in the market for a house like yours.


More than ever before we are all browsing the web on smart phones and tablets. Utahhomeselite.com and coldwellbankerhomes.com will have a mobile page dedicated to your property. There will be a QR code generated for your home that will automatically take smart phone users to your property when scanned. Don’t forget about our Find your next home app text: utahhomes285 to:32323


Without a doubt you will need professional photography....not pictures with a Cell Phone and not pictures by someone that just happens to have a nice camera. Over 80% of buyers starting their search online, it is vital that the photos of your property stand out among other listings. I post as many photos of your property as possible to fully display all that it offers. I will provides tips to our photographers on how to take bright and inviting photos that will attract more attention


You are unique and so is your home. Allow us to tell the story. The marketing remarks of a property are 1000 characters, and it is best utilized by portraying to the buyer the feeling they would get by being in that home and the type of lifestyle they would be able to maintain. The space is not well utilized by restating the facts that are already on the listing such as the square feet and the number of bathrooms. Instead we strive to write a provocative description that entices with the personality of your property.

CBRWG Flyers


Why settle for the generic, wordy flyers that other real estate companies provide? My custom designed flyers and brochures grab attention and make your home jump off the page. Printed on quality gloss paper and not just from an in-home ink-jet printer on flimsy paper. Whether you are looking for a one page flyer, two pages, or a four page brochure, we have a professional design that helps set your home apart.


My drip marketing and email campaign technology helps me reach my sphere of influence with the announcement of your homes sale. Provide a list of email addresses to your agent and our custom emails with graphics and images of your home that will grab attention of your friend’s inbox. The messages can be sent to thousands of recipients and will still look like it was sent specifically to them with my drip marketing technology.


I realize how important social media is for marketing your home to specific demographics. I have a Facebook Page, Youtube Channel, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter Account, and even a profile on Pinterest. Post about your home on social media with the dazzling property showcase page or Youtube video and watch the comments fly in! Make your home go viral!




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